What Niche?

When I accidentally deleted all of my photo posts from this blog, it might have been a blessing in disguise. I have since been seriously re-considering what I want this to be and what niche I want it to fall into. Easiest to delineate are the things I do not want from this blog. 

1) Poor writing. I’ve followed many blogs and a lot have seriously shitty writing, mostly because the subject chosen to write about is so mundane, predictable, and the writing style itself drab and grammar erroneous. Life is mundane, predictable, and drab, but that’s not the kind of writing I’d like to exhibit. I hope that my word choice is a little quirky, my sentence structures varying, and my chosen subject exciting or, at least, interesting. I’m not trying to brag that my writing will be good, but it should be not bad. 

2) Money. This should be purely for my personal satisfaction. Enough said? 

3) Original recipesThis is not the goal of my blog, but original recipes might be an occasional byproduct. Call me lazy, but I prefer to not be bothered by rules of what constitutes an original recipe. Moreover, I am a classic eyeballing cook and baker, especially since I moved to SF and live with five other people with one little kitchen… (Measuring cups, specifically teaspoons and tablespoons, tend to be dirty or missing in action, so I simply do without. My baked goods still seem to be okay, I think?) Especially when I cook, I can’t fathom measuring how much more spices or herbs I put in. I just taste as I go. 

4) No bitching and bemoaning. Well…. not too much. I’d rather not bore you with the trivial trials and tribulations of my life. As well, I’d rather not my life be privy to the general readership. Problems crop up with this, though, because what else is there to write about in relation to my main subject of food? Life and food are inextricably related, and all other subjects I might be inclined to write about would be completely separate issues. Also, I would have no degree of expertise in those; it would be me simply expressing my opinion based on what I do know. 

That begs the question, though, of what will I be writing about? 

… I have no idea. Still. Sigh. Clearly my ruminations do me a whole lot of good. 


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