cherry clafouti

Some college friends came to town two weekends ago. I accompanied them on their adventures and experienced some firsts, like taking the F train all the way from Pier 39. We went to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, which was beautiful as always, and had an early lunch at Roli Roti, of Porchetta sandwiches. They were truly delicious: tasty, juicy, crispy, fatty. I think it was the most flavorful sandwich I’d had in a while (and the good sandwiches continued later in the week when my work went out to Slow, where I had their braised beef sandwich).

hard at work

seriously delicious

For dinner, I caught up with Karen, another friend who came up for the weekend. We went to Dosa on Fillmore, where we both got dosas. The dosa came with two dipping sauces and a soup. Must say that everything was a little too salty, and their water cups tiny. I was craving something sweet afterwards, so K gave me the leftover half of her morning bun she’d been lugging around all day. It was good: sweet, flaky, soft, with the floral hint of citrus oranges melting into my mouth. It was definitely a unique experience since K differed in that she could only taste cinnamon.

The next day we headed to Napa. We stopped at Boon Fly Café, where I bumped into a coworker who lives three or four blocks away from me, for brunch. I split a benedict with K, and got two donuts for myself. All the food was tasty, but nothing spectacular: there was a little too much ham in my benedict and there was no yolk to my egg and the dough of the donut itself could have used a little extra kick of nutmeg or cinnamon. We ventured to Mumm Napa for their tour, and rounded out with an afternoon tasting at Sterling Vineyards.

the hash browns were really good!

so cute!

But this post is really all about cherries.

My friends arrived late Friday night, and to welcome my guests, I made cherry clafouti. My cherries had one foot out the door, and sorely needed to be used somehow. And wow, it was really delicious. We three ate the entire clafouti in less than 24 hours. Custard-like, with a faint taste of almonds, red cherries dotting the batter. It’s so simple, so delicious, and so pretty, there’s really nothing to not like about it!

We were so hungry that we dug in before I took a picture, not to mention it was well after midnight and the lighting was less than ideal. However, I took some pics the next morning, when we snuck in a few bites of clafouti for a pre-meal snack.

Recipe is from Simply Recipes.

Made in a 9×9 pan. I was short of AP flour by almost half the amount needed (gasp, the horror, right? My supplies had dwindled and I neglected that since I had been baking gluten-free so frequently) so I subbed in cornmeal instead at the same amount. I also kicked up the almond flavors by using both 3/4 teaspoon almond extract and the 2 teaspoons amaretto.

I’ve only made this once, but there’s a feeling I get that this is bound to be a classic, go-to, favorite in my books. It’s just so simple and delicious, and a serious crowd-pleaser. Yes, please!!


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