peach and crème fraîche pie

This was mostly written 9/4/12, when peaches were still bountiful. 

There are many things in this world I find scary. Pie crusts and bread making are among them. (Heights are up there too, but it isn’t a fear I’ll denounce because I think there’s legitimacy to it!!)

Some fears are just so silly. I always dread, dread, dread making pie crusts, but aside from the sheer strength and energy, they’re really not so bad. Okay, and the rolling out part too, all deriving from my very low-tech kitchen. C’mon, I use freakin’ forks to get those butter pieces into tiny pea sizes. You’d be a bit sore too, I think. And my fake “rolling pin” doesn’t help much either. I dread it so much, when it’s actually pretty easy! And while I might be searching for The Perfect Pie Crust (I’m not sure if such a thing really exists, for me), none of the crusts I’ve made have failed me so far. It’s the sogginess of the pie filling that has done me in several times, if anything.

So here’s to conquering fears. The biggest reason I’ve avoided peach pies is the pie crust, followed by the blanching of peaches and skinning them (just sounds like way too much work for lazy old me). But I found a way around that in this peach and crème fraîche pie. And that was enough to push me to make this.

This pie met an unfortunate end, which was mostly the compost bin and not my stomach. I had left it out overnight to cool, and when I cut into some pieces, I found some pieces to be oddly discolored, bluish-greens spotting in some parts of the pie. Turns out, that was probably my baking soda: it contains aluminum, which reacts with acidic things to form green splotches.

Anyways, the two pieces I did eat were good. The crust was flaky and flavorful, the creme fraiche filling light, and the peaches juicy and sweet. This was a quintessential summer pie: light and fruity. Overall, I’m not sure I’d make this again. I’ve had the chance to eat several peach pies this summer and I’m not sure they’re my cup of tea: I’d much rather eat a fresh peach than baked in pie, covered in cream, or cooked to jam. The crust was great, though, and it was quick, easy, light, and tasty.

You can find the recipe here. I didn’t change anything while making it. The only thing I would change is to use aluminum-less baking soda.

P.S. Shout out to the people who read this. Thanks for reminding me to update. 🙂


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