Thanksgiving Planning

On Friday, I decided I would host Thanksgiving. Out went the invitations to my housemate and my coworker. The menu is set.


Cranberry sauce & gravy

Balsamic braised brussel sprouts with pancetta

Homemade green bean casserole

Cornbread-oyster stuffing

Chili-fennel dungeness crab

Chocolate bourbon pecan pie

Booze (wine, champagne, and beer)

I’m making the turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, brussel sprouts, and pie. I might make some mashed potatoes too. I’ve already gotten the cranberry sauce out of the way. My game plan for today: make the pie crust, toast the pecans, clean the kitchen (it is a disaster zone, thanks to housemates who are extremely messy), do some veggie prep work, and set out the turkey for air-chilling.

Thursday: make the pie, set out turkey (230), roast the turkey + rest (330), braise brussel sprouts and make mashed potatoes while the turkey’s in the oven, pull out the turkey around 6ish and make gravy while the turkey rests.

What’s your game plan for Thanksgiving?


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