There are some songs that just make introspection that much easier. Well, this is one of those. Played on repeat today while I productively cranked out my work/activities section for my application.

However, having said that, there are also times when silence is necessary for the most perfect thoughts to really come together. Like the last touches on my personal statement. God it is pretty beautiful and as perfect as it’s ever going to get. I’m very happy with it and proud of myself for those torturous 25+ drafts. Some comments I’ve received on the writing so far express that it’s composed well, best some of my friends have ever read, blah blah.. Karen’s garbled gchat, “i think ou addressed mom very sincerely,” truly touched me. I’m a happy camper and I think I wrote to the best of my abilities, conveyed what I set out originally to, &c.

Besides, I’ll have a lot more time to agonize and split hairs over words in my secondaries. Now just to finish off my work/activities and finalize my school choices…

P.S. I’ll have a really great post on what I’ve been up to between Thanksgiving and now. 🙂


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